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         Welcome to Unique Wheel Repair LLC

Unique Wheel Repair LLC is seen as an industry “one stop shop” wheel repair facility, servicing the many and varied requirements of all facets of the automotive industry with a full and dedicated service: pick up, safety checking, processing and return and delivery all completed traced and tracked in house.

Unique Wheel Repair LLC specialises in the refurbishment of new, old, genuine and after market prestige wheels. Unique Wheel Repair LLC proudly offers a range of industry leading services including

  • On-Site Mobil Repair Service
  • Rim Straightening
  • Cosmotic Rim Repair & Polishing
  • Custom Wheel Painting
  • Chrome Repair & Exchange
  • Cracked Rim Welding
  • CNC Lathe Machining
  • Performance Mount & Balance 

Please contact us to find out about the quality services we provide to insurance companies and the public customers. (732)343-5900